Interesting bubble football became from North American is popular

An interesting game named bubble football has occupied the subject by 2014.As a matter of fact,bubble football just has a history of three years because it was invented in 2011 in the Norwegian.As it knows to all that football is a ball game with a long history,and the bubble football game was related to the classic football partly.This bubble football game is popular too at present just like normal football.


Of course,normal football is a competitive sport while bubble football more is known as the game.Football has a huge development in American over the years,especially for children,football is a so loved sport that few people dislike it.Bubble football adds lots of fun to the normal football which it didn’t have before.This bubble football game is both safe and full of joy,bubble football is to play football with putting in a bubble ball.And in this process,participants who wear bubble balls can push each other to let the ball goal ,which is the point where is so funny for everybody .Bubble football is familiar with bumper cars,so it can not only let you feel the stimulation of collision but also experience the fun of football.

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