I believe that bubble football will make us happier

Bubble football become more and more famous around our life. Now ,I will tell you something about bubble football. Bubble football born in  Norway at 2011 ,it is a funny game which can make you laugh without hesitate. You maybe heard about bubble football from TV or newspapers. However, I will tell you something that you do not know very well.


You could play bubble football at a young age. It is a game which has a wild limit of age. On the other hand, bubble football can make you stronger and healthier .Try to imange .if you are in a bubble and at the same time you are playing football with others as a team. You might laugh because the sense is so funny. While you get fun by playing bubble football.I must advice you that something you can not do. If you have heart attack or lung disaster. You can not play this game , bacause the game need a large amount of exercise which could make you uncomfortable. By the way ,if you are weak ,try to remember to have a short break when you are tired to make sure you have enough energy to play bubble football. I hold my view that bubble football will make you happy.

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